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Addison MacHenry is a peculiar animal with the peculiarity of speech, high intelligence and being able to smell 'peculiar scent'. He also deems himself as extremely sophisticated and extroverted. His glasses look amazing and he could start a new trend.

He is known as the "seventh pup of the seventh pup in an illustrious line of hunting dogs."  Addison lives in Miss Wren's Menagerie, a loop housing peculiar animals. Addison has a pivotal role in the third book, Library of Souls.


Early Life

I am a dog, yes, but a peculiar one. Why, then, should I be saddled with a common dog's name? My former master called me 'Boxie' and I despised it - an assault on my dignity! - so I bit him on the face and took his name.

–Addison, Hollow City

As a young pup, he once had a master named Addison, who called him "Boxie". Addison (dog) despised that name, calling it an assault on his dignity, so he bit his owner on the face and took his name.

Hollow City

Addison lives in Miss Wren's time loop, in her house. "It was very small, and perched not atop a cloud but on a very large tower constructed entirely from stacked-up railroad ties, the whole thing set smack in the middle of a grassy plateau.

He is a dog who can talk, and very educated, and insulted by the fact his previous name was 'Boxie'. So he bit his first and final owner on the face. He tells the peculiar children about Miss Peregrine's situation, and sends them towards London so they can get help for her.

Library of Souls

Addison is a brave dog, risking his life to attempt to get inside the wight fortress, and later bites Caul and causes a distraction, allowing everyone to get back on their feet and try to escape the library of souls.

Addison also tells Jacob and Emma what became of Fiona and Claire after the wights raided the menagerie.


Addison is a dog with the ability to speak and has a seemingly high IQ. He also has a nose for peculiars (he can smell their unique scent, there for extremely helpful in tracking any peculiar, animal or human).



Ms. Wren

Deirdre the Emu-Raffe


  • Addison is a boxer, as learned in Library of souls and hinted in Hollow City.
  • He dislikes dog food.
  • Addison was named after Ransom Riggs' old roommate and close friend as stated in a post on Ransom's Instagram.