To hear Althea tell it, her ability was the sort of thing that came in useful during hot summer days, but which she’d never thought of as a defense weapon until two hollows began devouring the minister before her very eyes.

Althea Grimmelwald is a female peculiar with the peculiarity of cryokinesis. She is slain by Caul with her own icicle.

She was once an apprentice to the Minister of Obfuscation and Deferment, until the hollows came and devoured the council member. In a panic, she froze the entire building, killing everyone except the Rogue Hollow and the wights who escaped with the captured ymbrynes.


Hollow CityEdit

When Althea is first mentioned, she is described as having a very wooden expression and being quite slow. It is also revealed that she has cryokinesis, as when she begins to walk down a passageway, skimming her hands across the walls and creating new layers of thick ice. Althea is sort of the protector of the building, since her ice is thick enough to keep out hollows and wights. Althea also acts like an assistant to Miss Wren while she works to coax 'Miss Peregrine' out of her bird form. She is seen mixing vials and putting them under 'Miss Peregrine's' beak and seems quite knowledgeable in the entire process of helping ymbrynes out of their avian state.

Death Edit

Caul had attempted to take Althea hostage, but she put up a fight. She managed to get her hands on his legs and began to freeze him, but Caul grabbed an icicle from nearby and threatened to stab Althea if she did not stop. She continued to freeze him and so Caul plunged the icicle into her back, killing her and in the process melting away all of the ice that had encased the building.


Althea's peculiarity is cryokinesis, which is the ability to make and manipulate ice. Her peculiarity is remarkably powerful since Althea managed to encase the entire peculiar archives building in ice within only a few minutes. In addition, it made her hands, and presumably the rest of her body, abnormally cold. Mr Gleeson, a Wight appearing in the movie has cryokinesis as well.

Trivia Edit

  • She was the only main/supporting human killed by Caul.
  • Miss Wren said herself that Althea's cryokinesis was one of the strongest peculiarities she had seen.