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Linneaqua Linneaqua 30 March

how exactly did fiona survive?

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AiraTheWindWing55 AiraTheWindWing55 12 June 2019

Fanon Wiki

I run a very new wiki that is still under the makings, but is gaining speed and beginning to function, that is a fanon wiki for the Peculiar World. Since it is a fanon, one could make fanfictions, original characters, peculiar animals, and all sorts of non-canon things in the world Ransom Riggs designed. If anyone is interested, the link is below.


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Rayray2001 Rayray2001 2 February 2019

Multiple Peculiar Souls

Can a peculair have more than one peculair soul? or more than one peculairlity? For example, having the ability to control electricilty and ice. 

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Long Island Spartan Long Island Spartan 22 October 2018

Male Ymbrynes

I’m not sure if this defies the series logic or not, but I just read a chapter in A Map of Days that mentioned a male Demi-ymbryne. I’m not sure if this goes against the series’s logic or not, because Miss Peregrine says that only women could manipulate time, I don’t know if she was referring to solely creating loops or both creating and maintaining, but I think this is a somewhat interesting topic.

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Drew rivers Drew rivers 11 October 2018

Map of Days

I just finished reading A Map of Days yesterday. I enjoyed it, but I thought it was kind of a letdown from the previous book. What did you guys think? 

Ps. This Wiki needs to be revived

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Faolan is my daemon Faolan is my daemon 25 August 2018

Map of Days!!!!

Soooooooo the fourth book Map of Days is coming October 2nd! Can’t wait!

Anyway the book is going to take place in Florida from what I know and is gonna feature the peculiar s in America! Riggs said their will be new characters and new peculiarities.

I kinda wanna Claire eat a Big Mac with her back mouth in the middle of a Mickey D’s and see Millard complain about how awful modern day singers are XD

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Oliver386 Oliver386 20 February 2018

Peculiar Abilities

Hey everybody! Who wants to post their favorite peculiar ability! I would have to say mine would be Shape-shifting, and I also love to levitate. Let me know your favorite peculiar ability! 

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Miguelguillen Miguelguillen 9 January 2018

fourth book

look what Ransom published, the fourth book is finished


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Miguelguillen Miguelguillen 20 November 2017

The Man Who Bottled the Sun

You may have heard that there are regions in the far north where the sun doesn’t rise at all in winter, while in summer it shines constantly, even at midnight.

It wasn’t always so.

There was a time when Iceland got as much sunshine in the winter as Spain. Then a peculiar man named Jón Jónsson came along and changed everything.

Jón’s parents knew he was special from an early age. When he was seven he caught a flu that made him want to sleep all day, but there were no curtains on the windows and his room was filled with sunlight. His mother laid him in bed and went out to fetch the shutters, which were made of wood and normally used only during winter storms. When she returned with them under her arm, the room was dark. She thought she was losi…

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Miguelguillen Miguelguillen 4 September 2017

Loop Day

Today is the day!!!!!!!

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Miguelguillen Miguelguillen 3 September 2017

New Book

The first book of the new triology comes out next year!!!!(2018)

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LifeasPineapplesRule1 LifeasPineapplesRule1 22 July 2017



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VittoriaPeculiar. VittoriaPeculiar. 24 June 2017

peculiar wikia!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me encanta esta pagina, amo los libros de miss peregrine pero me pareciera genial si lo pusieran también en idioma castellano

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Miguelguillen Miguelguillen 7 June 2017

The Twins

Can someone tell me which loop are the twins?

I read and read and read the three books and I see mention of them in the first one but then they do not mention them but here in the wiki they appear that they are alive (and I am not confused by the film in case they believe that)

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Rubylavendar1727 Rubylavendar1727 27 April 2017

Question about the Film Pages

So, some of the characters have their own pages for their movie versions, but a lot of them don't...should we make the film pages for them? 

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TheNoGuy TheNoGuy 21 April 2017

Reasons for joining the Wikia

I was just wondering what made everyone join the Peculiar Children Wikia. Was it because of the film or the books or are there other reasons?

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Emmabloom123 Emmabloom123 17 April 2017

Me as peculiar.... I thought it would be fun

Name: Avery K.

Age: 113

Loop: Miss Peregrine's

Physical Age (Age you Look to be): 12

Peculiarity: Mind Control/Telekinesis

Status: Alive

Appearance: 12 year-old girl with blonde long hair and eyes that could put you under a spell. She wears a short flowy black dress, and a silver locket around her neck. She is very beautiful.

Personality: She is very smart, manipulative, can be giving, adventurous, and is very unique. 

Siblings: She has a younger brother named Lawson.

Location: Jake's house in Florida (read the book Library of Souls)

Location of Birth: A small village raided by the Nazis in Holland/The Netherlands

Relationships: Has a boyfriend (in her dreams)

Gender: Female

Weapons: Her mind, strength, and beauty

Friends: Good friends with Emma, Bronwy…

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Emmabloom123 Emmabloom123 16 April 2017


Honestly I think I am obsesed with the peculiars. They are soooo cool and I wish I could have found out about them sooner. Any thoughts???

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Silverowl45854 Silverowl45854 5 April 2017

What Happened to Fiona?

What do you think happened to Fiona after Library of Souls? I'm just curious what people think.

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Sheep Like Green Waffles Sheep Like Green Waffles 3 April 2017

The Society For Prevention Of Cruelty To Llamas

Please sign your llamacorn on this petition to save llamas. Down with the killer alpacas!!

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Emmabloom123 Emmabloom123 21 March 2017

New Books

I can't wait to read the new book coming out in the fall 2017!! Well, I hope the article I read is correct that there would be a new Miss Peregrine's Children book!!!!:)

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ReaperOfSouls666 ReaperOfSouls666 7 March 2017

New Peculiar series

About time! New peculiar trilogy surrounding Jacob again. 

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NathTheMaster NathTheMaster 10 February 2017

MY OC, Lesley

This is one of my oc's, Lesley. She is awesome! If you like her, you can use her.

I am going by the book.

Name: Lesley Catarina VanAmor 

Age: 122

Loop: Miss Peregrines 

Physical Age (Age you Look to be): 20

Peculiarity: Can see anything(Hollows, Millard) and can kill or bring a person/thing back to life with a word.

Status: Alive

Appearance: waist length white blonde hair with natural black and red streaks, deep grey eyes, 6' 2". Wears a black, thigh length dress with red tights and crinolin, black lace up sandals, wears two bracelets, one with her name and another is a watch. She always ties her hair up in a blood red ribion.

Personality: Shy, funny, smart, brave, will do anything for her friends, wants to be a doctor.

Siblings: 5 younger sisters, i…

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Haliegh2114 Haliegh2114 6 January 2017

mphfpc oc group chat

I made a network/group chat on tumblr for people that have MPHFPC based OCs to talk and give feedback and whatnot. People really seemed to like so I figured I would share it here! The main post is here but you really just need the application which is here . It's a group chat on skype so you do need one to join, but that's like it! It's already been started but there isn't a deadline for joining, so don't feel nervous about applying if you're interested!

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ZiaNephyst ZiaNephyst 30 December 2016

Me as A Peculiar

Name: Allamara Texas

Age: 116

Loop: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Physical Age (Age you Look to be): 15

Peculiarity: Molding solids (Can change the shape of single object one or so meters away)

Status: Alive

Appearance: 15 year old girl wearing a floaty, white dress. Has pair of lace gloves on and a headband to keep golden hair out of her blue eyes.

Personality: Can be rude and depressing, also kind and sweet. She is also sensitive towards animals

Siblings: Kenzie Texas

Location: Unknown

Location of Birth: London

Relationships: Family

Gender: Female

Weapons: Power

Friends: Claire, Fiona, Hugh, The Twins, Olive, Emma, Jacob, Bronwyn, Millard, Enoch, Abraham (deceased), Victor (deceased), Marcie (deceased), Charlotte (At different Loop), Alt…

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ZiaNephyst ZiaNephyst 30 December 2016

If I could Be Peculiar




Physical Age (Age you Look to be):







Location of Birth:

















Romantically Involved with anyone?:

(Template. Copy and Past if you need an OC Profile)

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ZIMMM ZIMMM 13 December 2016

The Portal Through The Siamese Trees

SUMMARY: Im keeping this diary in order to keep my sanity and hopefully my privacy will be kept as well, all I want is a place to write my thoughts out on paper. The world is screaming around me to be someone I'm not, might as well be the person I want to be when no one cares to look. (I dont own any characters in or the idea of Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children)

CONTAINS THE SHIPPING: Transgirl Oc x Future Dreamer (UNDER EDITING) AUTHOR NOTES: this story is featured on owrownarchive and it is truly written by me as trashy as this fanfiction is...the original title is Portal Through The Siamese Trees

Everything was monochrome with a monotone and in a room was me till 3 but from 5 past noon I couldnt sleep bvecause He blended outward…

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Sheep Like Green Waffles Sheep Like Green Waffles 11 December 2016


Welcome to my blog! Feel free to post anything as long as it is appropriate and not annoying!!

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Someday62 Someday62 24 October 2016


Ok so personally, i can not wait to see the movie,.. probably should finish reading first though...... almost done! less than a hundred pages left so  i'll finish today....i still cant wait! i wonder if it will freak me out as much as the book....

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Symphonie Symphonie 21 October 2016


I was scrolling through Twitter earlier this evening, and I came across these. Honestly, I didn't see it coming. It seems we were all fooled.

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StephanieZou StephanieZou 12 October 2016

Peculiar Children

When is the next book coming out, and who is everyone's favorite character?

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Boq Boq 4 October 2016

I love the peculiar children

I have read all the books except for the tales of the peculiar, and I think they should definitely make a hollow city movie...

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Witnessme Witnessme 15 August 2016

Peculiar Children Movie Update

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Rabbitty Rabbitty 8 April 2016


In the Miss Peregrine books, each book has an index of the photos at the end, with the photo name, the collection the photo comes from, and the page on which the picture appears in the story. In the book additions I read, the indexes are as follows:

The Invisible Boy
Robert Jackson
The Levitating Girl
Yefim Tovbis
Boy Lifting Boulder
Robert Jackson
The Painted Head
Robert Jackson
Abe Napping
Robert Jackson
The Girl in the Bottle
Robert Jackson
The Floating Baby
Peter Cohen
The Boy-Faced Dog
Robert Jackson
The Contortionist
Robert Jackson
The Masked Ballerinas
Robert Jackson
Miss Peregrine's Silhouette
Robert Jackson
Boy in Bunny Costume
Robert Jackson

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ScreamKings ScreamKings 8 April 2016


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GravityMan GravityMan 22 March 2016

Notification of Adoption

As a former admin and the longest active user on this Wiki, I have submitted an application for adoption. I hope to be active and a good monitor of the Wiki. If the application goes through I'll be cleaning up spam pages and monitoring threads. Please tell me how you feel about this in the comments.

Thanks :)

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Tonythetiger007 Tonythetiger007 6 March 2016

Reaction to new Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children pictures

2 days ago, I was in school and I looked up for anything about the movie and I came across the pictures everyone is talking about.


"Remember.....YOU...ARE MY NUMBER ONE....GUUUY!"

                                                                                   The Joker (Batman (1989))

I think this is going to be a great movie that will have a sense of old and new for the people who read the book. I don't mind if Emma's peculiarity is switched with Olive's. In fact the scene with Jacob and Emma floating would make a pretty romantic and charming moment where Jacob would pull on the rope to let Emma float around and he would unknowingly create the feeling of the good ol' days for Emma when she wa…

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Rabbitty Rabbitty 5 March 2016


The categorization on this wiki is completely ridiculous. Each page has a million categories, most of which say the exact same thing. You don't need to label a page as Syndrigasti and Syndrigast and Syndrigasts. That should just be one category. And moreover, Syndrigasts is grammatically incorrect (Syndrigasti is the correct plural) and as for Syndrigast, category names should never be singular. The whole point of categories is to link multiple pages that are alike. In short, a page doesn't need to say Good guys, Protagonist, and Protagonists—only Protagonists.

  • Characters
  • Syndrigasti or Coerlfolc or Hollowgasts or Wights
  • Males or Females
  • Children or Adults
  • Protagonists or Antagonists
    • (Unless it's a minor character with no real allegiance)
  • Any aditional categories such as Anima…
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Tonythetiger007 Tonythetiger007 7 January 2016


Every day, I check on to this wikipedia to if there is anything new. It appears that most of the wikipedia has turned into a ghost town (probably because most of the people on this wiki are at school. Hell, I'm still at school, typing this blog right now!). Another thing pisses me the hell off. Here's a good question, when was the last time we got news about the new Miss Peregrine movie? The answer is DECEMBER 19TH, 2015. Couldn't we get a little tease at a possible trailer this month? The movie is coming out on Christmas Day in the U.S. and we only got a tiny little easter egg of a teaser. No offense FOX, but YOU MIGHT WANT GIVE US A LOT MORE THAN WHAT WE GOT RIGHT NOW!!! >:(


Anticipation Level:…

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Symphonie Symphonie 30 December 2015


I now have a copy of Library of Souls, so I'll make edits soon.

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Tonythetiger007 Tonythetiger007 17 December 2015


Yesterday, the official Twitter page for the Miss Peregrine movie posted this new picture on the website.


Why do I get a feeling that the official trailer is coming this month?

Why do I feel like I got an adrenaline rush?

When will my coffee get here?

Why is it reported that the United Kingdom gets this movie in February 2016 while the U.S. has to wait until FUCKING DECEMBER?! (I'm not totally pissed off but SERIOUSLY?!)

(All of these questions and many more on Unsolved Mysteries)

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Asnow89 Asnow89 3 December 2015

Ransom Riggs to Write Two More Books

Ransom Riggs just signed a deal for two new books with Durron Books for Young Readers.

Tales of the Peculiar, an illustrated collection of fairy tales set in the same universe as the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series, will be released in Fall of 2016. The second book in the deal is an untitled young adult novel which will be an “all-new work,” according to the press release.

“I’m absolutely thrilled for the chance to work with the legendary Julie Strauss-Gabel and the whole Penguin Random House team, and to finally get these peculiar tales, which have been bouncing around my brain for years, down onto paper and out into the world," said Riggs.

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Plz laugh at my name Plz laugh at my name 1 December 2015

Im new.

Make me your leader.

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Tonythetiger007 Tonythetiger007 30 November 2015

What is Your "Peculiar Children" Dream Cast?

      For this blog, everyone can talk about what their ideas for Dream Cast ideas for which actors or actresses can play the characters from the books. These ideas for your Dream Cast aren't limited to the first book. You can think about which actor/actress you want to have play the characters for Hollow City and Library of Souls too.

     (Here's a bit of a side-note, if you don't want to agree with someone who has an idea you don't like, it's perfectly fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and don't think the same way other people do. Don't worry about it and have fun with this!)   : )

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GravityMan GravityMan 10 October 2015

Request to be Admin

Hello! My name's GravityMan, former admin of this Wiki. Now, I am generally a regular, steady editor on this Wiki and since there aren't any consistent staff members, I was wondering if I could be repromoted. Libertylie has tried but unfortunately only Shadow Byrd or Staff can. So I'm putting my request out here to be admin once again as of now.

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GravityMan GravityMan 3 October 2015

Review of Ransom Riggs' Library of Souls Book Tour

So this was awesome, the third tour of Ransom Riggs, and the second time I've went.

  • 1 First
  • 2 Asa Butterfield
  • 3 The Movie
  • 4 The Girls
  • 5 The Goodies
  • 6 Next Book
  • 7 Fun Trivia I Can Remember
  • 8 My Prize
  • 9 Overall

He was late. Very very very late. Ransom later stated his lack of being able to make a deadline bonded him and Tim Burton. His wife stood in the back, smiling at him the whole time.

Couldn't make it. So instead Ransom had a clip of the movie to show us. But couldn't show it because the book store couldn't find the projector cable.

Ransom said he enjoyed a lot of the filming, responded to my question about the casting choices with a nervous laugh and saying that the script was a lot different from the book, but he felt as if it was for the better.

A lot of …

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GravityMan GravityMan 23 September 2015

The End

Well. It's ended. The Peculiar Children book series.

Fuck this.

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Asnow89 Asnow89 4 September 2015

Miss Peregrine Promotion Video


Tim Burton and the producers released a video clip for the Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children's going viral! What do you think about it? What do you think IT MEANS? It's a very subtle video. Enjoy!

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Libertylie Libertylie 23 August 2015


So Ransom was asked last March on tumblr if there will be a graphic novel for Hollow city...

And this week a cover draft for the graphic novel surfaced. It shows Jacob with the other ymbrynes. It seems that it will come out this year :)

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Symphonie Symphonie 30 July 2015

You might want to see this...

This was posted nine hours ago to the YouTube channel "ransriggs" by everyone's favorite peculiar author.

(This is a great opportunity to bring attention to the wiki people, get to it!)

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