Deirdre is a peculiar animal who resided in Miss Wren's Menagerie until her death by wights.

Description Edit

Physical Edit

Deirdre is a half giraffe half donkey, despite her peculiar name being an Emu-Raffe.

Personality Edit

She can be a sore loser when it comes to cards but she is otherwise playful and affectionate.

Peculiarity Edit

She is highly intelligent and seems to have a great focal point of gravity, having the ability to stand only on her hind legs.

Hollow CityEdit

Deirdre is one of the residents at Miss Wren's Menagerie. She and Addison are the only two that can talk. She is shown to be affectionate towards Addison.


She is killed by wights sometime after the peculiar children leave the menagerie. She was shot for resisting.


Addison MacHenryEdit