Dylan is a male normal and a resident of the present-day Cairnholm Island and is in a beatboxing/rapping duo with his older friend Worm, though neither of them are as good as they think they are in Jacob's opinion.


Dylan is introduced in Chapter 3 when Jacob enters the fishmonger's to find someone to take him up to the old house, to which he is directed to him as the fishmonger's son who had been arranging fish in a freezer case, suggesting he helped out at the shop. He helps provide Jacob with a pair of Wellingtons (a pair of knee-length waterproof rubber of plastic boots) and agrees to take Jacob. Along the way he introduces Jacob to his friend Worm, who claims Dylan is "Cairnholm's number one beat-boxer" and they demonstrate their rapping and beatboxing "skills". Later on in the chapter, he and Worm get Jacob to walk into a stable and he gets shin-deep in animal poop. The boys tell him they thought he was "taking a piss" which is slang for "joking". After Jacob explains he isn't, the boys point him to the correct path and leave out of fear of the abandoned home. poop


Jacob PortmanEdit

Jacob an acquaintance of Dylan. Dylan and Worm demonstrate their rapping and beat-boxing "skills" to Jacob and trick him into walking through livestock excrement. When telling his father about him and Dylan, Jacob says in his aside that he forgot to mention that Worm and Dylan dislike him."


The fishmonger is Dylan's father.


Worm is Dylan's bestfriend and rapping/beat-boxing partner.


  • Dylan tells Jacob he takes a ferry to go to school in a town on the mainland, which is around two hours.