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There's always use in fighting. Especially when it makes terrible people cry.

–Emma in A Map of Days , Ransom Riggs

Emma Bloom is a female peculiar with the peculiarity of being able to manipulate fire.

She is the female deuteragonist in Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and following books Hollow City and Library of Souls.


Early Life

Emma told Jacob that she first began to manifest her pyrokinetic ability at the age of ten, when she would set her bed on fire while sleeping. Because this would happen so frequently, her parents reduced Emma's bed to a metal cot which they stressed over not having anything flammable. Emma's parents continued to call her a pyromaniac and a liar, reasoning their claims with the fact that Emma was never burned from the fires she caused.

She says that a day came along where her hands began to itch, then to swell, and then to grow so hot that she plunged them into a case of ice holding fish at the market. All the ice melted, and the grocer wanted money for the ruined fish. Then, Emma's hands caught fire completely. Emma's parents found out, and her mother ran out of the house, never to return, thinking Emma was a demon from hell. But Emma's father beat her and locked her away. When she tried to escape, he tied her down with asbestos sheets, not even untying her so she could feed herself.

Finally, her younger sister Julia freed her late at night and she ran away. Emma went to the circus where she worked as a fire-eater. Eventually as revealed in Library of Souls, a woman found Emma at the circus and gave her a job opportunity, which is later revealed to be working as a drugged peculiar for sale. Emma refused again and again, and eventually was drugged, gagged, and chained in the back of a truck. That is where Miss Peregrine found her.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Emma is 88 years old in the first book, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

During the stand-off with Dr. Golan, he claimed that Emma's parents had tried to sell her off to a circus when she was 5 years old, but ended up abandoning her at one when they weren't able to. (Emma disproves this version of the story to Jacob during the second book.)

Jacob first saw Emma when he was exploring the children's home in the present. She and various others gathered around the hole Jacob had made in the first floor and peered down at him in the basement. At first, Emma thought he was Abe, but quickly seemed to realize that he wasn't, and left the house. Jacob chased after her. Later, when they entered the loop, Emma caught up with Jacob while he was hiding from the men from the pub and threatened him with a knife. When he told her that he was Abraham Portman's grandson, she refused to believe him and demanded to see his eyes, believing him to be a wight. She tied him up and brought him to Miss Peregrine. Later, Emma escorted him home from the loop.

Afterwards, when they are on better terms, Jacob and Emma arranged to meet during the night when Jacob's father and Miss Peregrine were sleeping so they could talk. When they met, Emma brought Jacob to the beach and the two went in her little boat farther into the water. Eventually Emma stopped paddling and got out of the boat to stand on a sunken warship, getting Jacob to follow her down into it under the water. They breathed using a tube, and it helped them stay underwater longer to be able to look at glowing fish that Emma calls "flashlight fish". When they got above water again, they eventually kissed and Emma told Jacob he should stay in the loop. Jacob responded that he wants to but can't because he doesn't think he's peculiar and he can't leave his family behind. When they arrived back at the house, they found out Esmeralda Avocet, an ymbryne from another loop, flew over to warn the house of attacks from wights. Miss Peregrine said to Jacob and Emma she should punish them for sneaking out but that it wasn't the time because of the danger everyone in the loop may be in.

Hollow City

Library of Souls

A Map of Days

The Conference of Birds

The Desolations of Devil's Acre


Physical Appearance

Emma is often described by Jacob as having white skin. The first time Jacob and Emma met, he described her as "strikingly pretty." On the train in Hollow City, Jacob tells her that when they first met and he was sure she was about to slit his throat, a tiny part of him was thinking that "if this was the last face he'd ever see, at least it's a beautiful one." She is described as having sandy hair and green eyes.


She is described as hot-tempered but trustworthy by Miss Peregrine. She was also seen as very confident by Jacob in Hollow City. Despite acting as a leader to the peculiar children a lot of the time and constantly radiating strength, she is only human as well and has her moments of weakness. She is compassionate, with a heart the size of France according to Jacob. After she and Jacob split up, she was described to take a long time to get over things, having "moaned over Abe for half a century."


Emma is able to create fire from her hands and manipulate it, and can heat up her hands without creating flames (hot enough to cauterize wounds and weld). She is unable to make fire, however, when stunned or weak.


He left. He said he loved me and promised to come back one day. But he never did.

–Emma about Abe , Ransom Riggs

Abraham Portman

Before Jacob's grandfather left, Emma and Abraham "Abe" Portman were considered the "sweethearts" at the loop. Jacob also found a box of letters that Emma and Abe had written to each other when Abe left for the war. Miss Peregrine mentions that when he left, he "took all of their hearts with him, but Miss Bloom's especially. Yes, they were admirers, paramours, sweethearts."

Jacob Portman

At first glance, Emma mistook Jacob for Abraham, and grew increasingly angry at the prospect of Abe having grandchildren, since he had once promised such things to her. After Miss Peregrine confirmed his human and genealogical status, she warmed to him, initially regarding him as the bearer of bad news. She befriends him easily, flirting all the while, but as the series goes on, she begins to warm up to him, and falls in love with Jacob.  The two demonstrate easy cooperation when called for and enter into a relationship during Hollow City, and finally have a confirmed ending at the end of Library of Souls. However, in The Conference of the Birds, Emma sees that she fell for him due to him being very similar to Abe. Emma and Jacob have a conversation to agree that they are really just friends. Jacob being around Noor Pradesh so much occasionally makes Emma a little jealous; Jacob later began a relationship with Noor.


  • In one of the Hollow City book trailers, she is indirectly shown via the fire in her hand.
  • In, the month of November picture of the calendar states that on November 9th is Emma's birthday.
  • Her powers have been switched with Olive's in the movie, while Emma is also given the ability to manipulate air.
  • In the movie, Ella Purnell portrayed Emma.
  • In one of the deleted scenes of the Map of Days, Emma Bloom takes on a fake persona, Irma Bluth, by the Department of Disguises and goes to high school with Jacob Portman. She is recorded as a British exchange student.
  • She is 88 years old in the first book.
  • You are able to email Emma using the email that is mentioned in Library of Souls, which is