Emma Bloom is a teenage peculiarity with the peculiarity of Aerokinesis. Emma is portrayed by Ella Purnell.

Physical Appearance

Emma has blonde, wavy hair that goes past her shoulders and is parted into free, wavy bangs. She also has very large greenish-blue eyes and pale, fair skin. Emma's typical attire consists of a blue frilly dress and large, gothic lead shoes (these stop her from floating away due to her peculiar abilities).


Emma has a kind and gentle personality, yet she is very sensitive when anyone mentions Abe, her past love who broke her heart. She doesn't like anyone talking about him and gets upset when someone does. 

She is trusting and loyal, specifically to Jacob. She trusts him in numerous occasions, such as entrusting him to hold her rope so she doesn't float away, and trusting him enough keep her secrets.

Emma begins to develop romantic feelings for Jacob, and he develops romantic feelings for her, too.

Enoch is very jealous of Jacob, because he wants to be with Emma but she doesn't like him back in that way. She says Enoch is a little too possessive, and dismisses him as "off sulking somewhere" when talking to Jacob about him.


Levitation: Throughout the movie, Emma is shown to have the ability to float; however, she has no control of her levitation, as she needs to wear lead shoes and keep a rope around her to make sure she didn't float away. Her levitation has been described as more of "being lighter than air" rather than being able to actually levitate.

Air Manipulation: Suiting her status as being lighter than air, she has the ability to manipulate air by blowing large and powerful jet streams of wind that is powerful enough to pin a fully grown man against a wall, and fill a whole underwater ship with air.


  • Emma's book counterpart possess pyrokinesis, but in the film she has Olive's peculiarity instead, with some more powers.