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Franklin Portman is a male normal who is the father of Jacob Portman and the son of the late Abraham Portman.


Early Life

Franklin was neglected by his father, Abraham. The most hurtful incident being that Abraham never showed up to take Franklin trick-or-treating, leaving Franklin crying in the driveway. What Franklin, his sister, and mother all assumed was that he was on a trip, when in reality Abraham was hunting wights and hollowgasts, and could not come. Franklin's relationship with his father was further complicated when his sister discovered Emma's letters, and they assumed that Abraham was having an affair (which was not true). Most of his resentment comes from his childhood.

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children

Franklin joins his son Jacob on the trip to Cairnholm, and while he's there, he finds out that there are uncommon bird species there. As the book progresses, Franklin gets more depressed and drunk. Finally, when Jacob tells him he is leaving for awhile, Franklin believed that he had gone mad and that his son was on drugs.

Hollow City

Jacob has a vision of his father climbing a cliff on Caironholm, looking for his dead body.

Later, Franklin calls Jacob near the end of the book, informing Jacob that he is also in London with his mother, looking for him. Franklin asks if Jacob is on drugs, but Jacob replies that he is peculiar.

Library of Souls

When Jacob sees his father, he had a 3 day beard and seemed to have a lack of sleep. Though glad to see Jacob, he was upset that Jacob unexpectedly left and demanded an answer as to why. Miss Peregrine was going to memory swipe but Jacob stopped her before she did. He believes Jacob's story about not remembering anything until he discovers Emma's letters.

After the letters were discovered, Franklin decides to commit Jacob to a place for crazy people. While in the car about to drive there, the Peculiar children and Miss Peregrine save Jacob.


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Jacob Portman

Jacob Portman

Abraham Portman

Although he was his father, Franklin always had a difficult relationship with Abraham. This was because Abraham was absent for much of his life, out hunting hollows (though Franklin thought they were regular business and hunting trips, etc). While drinking at the pub, Franklin tells Jacob that he thinks Abe went on these trips to deal with the pressure of having to be a father, but not knowing how. He also tells Jacob that "even when he was around, it was like he wasn't."


  • The picture of the bunny boy (Franklin) was supposedly taken during Halloween, but the date on photo states it was taken during June.