Hello and welcome to the contributor's guide for Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children! This page will show you how to edit character pages, add pictures, and what you can do to earn badges. There is also a To-Do List and list of pages that need to be created! 

Character Pages


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How do I add an image?

1. Upload an image to the wiki. Make sure that the image's file name is simple, example: peopleinboats.png

2. Click edit on the desired page, and then click the puzzle piece representing the infobox.

3. Type "Image:" and then the name of your file in the space for the infobox picture. There should not be a space between "Image:" and the file name. Adjust your image's size to 250-300x.

4. Save and publish.

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children & Hollow City


An example of a character summary for Millard Nullings in Hollow City (click to enlarge) SPOILER ALERT

The sub-headings that are all book titles are where a summary of the character of the page your editing's involvements will go. The summary will be about everything the character does in that story. Example herehere .

The Graphic Novel

This section will include a character summary, the character's physical description in the book, and a photo of them in the graphic novel if you can find one or one already exists in the wikia's photos. If there is more than one picture of them in the graphic novel, you can insert them around the corresponding section of the character summary.



Trivia is where all the fun facts about a character go. These facts shouldn't include everything, just bits of information that is important to the story or that you find find interesting.

Here you will find a list of pages and pages that need to be created for you to get busy on.

Pages to Create

**If one of the following pages has just been created or already exists, please strike out the page name below or simply delete it from the list**

Oggie- Martin's uncle.

Kev- owner of the Priest's Hole; also the bartender.

Miss. Treecreeper- a ymbryne.

Miss. Gannett- a ymbryne; her time loop is in Ireland, June 1770.

Miss. Bunting

Miss. Finch- a ymbryne and Miss. Finch's aunt. She prefers to stay in her finch form.

The Folding Man

The Clown

The Masked Ballerinas

Miss Nightjar

More Help (Links)


The VisualEditor

Wikia editor2

The classic editor

Editing on Fandom is as simple as clicking the "Edit" button on a page. Doing so will take you to an edit page where you can make changes to the page and add new information and media, correct errors, or update the formatting.

Depending on whether you are logged in or not, you may receive a different editing experience:

Most anonymous and newer users will see the VisualEditor. It's an editing experience based around showing you an accurate visual representation of your changes.
Help:Classic editor
Other users will see the classic editor, including the older visual editing experience and basic source wikitext editing.

Quick tips

  • Once you are in an editor, you can use the available tools to quickly add and remove information, change the formatting, add new images and videos, update the page's layout, and much more! Once you're done making your changes, just click the "Publish" button to update the page.
  • Don't be afraid if you "break" anything. All edits to a page are stored in the page history, and if something does go wrong you can simply revert to an older version.
  • If you want to edit a page without clicking the "Edit" button, you can press E on your keyboard, and the page will automatically load the preferred editor.
  • Editing is not yet possible through the Fandom app or Community Apps.

Choosing an editor

Logged in users can choose their default editor from a dropdown list in their user preferences (found here).

Setting Meaning
VisualEditor Shows the VisualEditor on all communities.
Classic rich-text editor
(where available)
Shows the classic rich-text editor where available.
If not, the source editor is shown.
Source editor Shows the basic source editor on all communities.

Anonymous users will almost always see the VisualEditor by default. In a few specific cases, the VisualEditor may not be available on a particular community.

Additionally, the alternative editors can still be found under the Edit button dropdown - for example, you can still access the classic editor from the dropdown even if the VisualEditor is the default.

Further help and feedback

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