Hildy is a female peculiar with the peculiarity of being able to see ghosts.

Tales of the Peculiar Edit

She is only mentioned in the Tales of the Peculiar.

Relationships Edit

Sister Edit

Her only friend is her sister's ghost. She had drowned when they were kids. They spent so much time together that Hildy neglected to befriend humans. When Hildy grew older, her sister had to go on an important 'ghost business' and left her.

João Edit

When her mother and father died, their ghosts went to find Hildy's sister, leaving her all alone. Hildy then decided to buy an apartment which was notoriously haunted so she could make new ghost friends. She met João, who had a haunted apartment but was not selling it. After a period of time, Hildy decided to visit João. Realising that his apartment was being wrecked by ghosts, Hildy went to talk to them. This made João extremely grateful, and after awhile, he declared his love for Hildy and they married.