Here you will find a list of photographs (and additional materials: including letters, drawings, etc.) that are featured in Hollow City.

Credited PhotographsEdit

Title Title Page From the Collection of File Name Source
Jacob in silhouette 8 Roselyn Leibowitz
Emma Bloom (Emma in the Dark) 8 Muriel Moutet
Enoch O'Connor (Enoch's Dolls) 9 David Bass
Claire Densmore (Claire's Golden Curls) 10 David Bass
Fiona (Girl with Chicken) 10 John Van Noate
Miss Avocet 11 Erin Waters
Girl boarding train 212 John Van Noate
Crying baby 226 John Van Noate crying baby.jpeg
Peculiar brothers 246 John Van Noate
Sam 283 John Van Noate
Millard in the mirror 300 John Van Noate
The lookout 309 John Van Noate

Uncredited PhotographsEdit

The rest of the photographs that did not appear on page 398 About the Photography. These photos come from the collection of Ransom Riggs himself which he gathered from flea markets, vintage paper shows, and the archives of other photo collectors who are credited above.

Description Page Thumbnail File Name Source
We Rowed Faster 16
Blimps 34
42 Jacob_on_the_rocks.jpeg
Cuthbert 60 Cuthbert_the_Giant.jpg
70 net.jpeg
Miss Wren's House 78 Misswrensmenagerie.jpeg
Grunt  80
Addison MacHenry 83 Addison.png
Deirdre the Emu-Raffe 89
Peculiar Graveyard 94 Peculiar_graveyard.jpeg
Pompey 96 Pompey.jpeg
Ca'ab Magda 97
Miss Wren and a Chicken 114 miss_wren_and_chicken.jpeg
Radi 139 Radi.jpeg
Goat People 146 goat_people.jpg
The Vantriloquist 147 "To Emma, Faces for a smile, G. M. S. K." vantriloquist.jpeg
Gypsies 150 gypsies.jpeg
Dead Horses 167 dead_horses.jpeg
Hostages 170 hostages.jpeg
Dead Soldiers 181 dead_soldiers.jpeg
Doll's House 224 Doll/'s_house.jpeg
Firefighter 225
Horace Catching a Pigeon 228 Horace_catching_a_pigeon.jpeg
Damaged Catherdral 231 Damaged_cathedral.jpeg
(Reims Cathedral, France
Eyes in the Dark 243 Eyes_in_the_dark.jpeg
Mr. A. F. Crumbley 251 Mr. Crumbley.jpeg
Skeletons in Bed 254 Skeletons.jpeg
Melina 256 Melina is the face along the left edge of the picture Melina.jpeg
Esme in the Bathtub 274 Esme.jpeg
The Clown 306 Clown.jpeg
Congress of Human Oddities 308 Congress_of_human oddities.jpeg
The Amazing Matchstick Men 311 matchstick_men.jpeg
Snake Charmer 312
The World-Famous Folding Man 315
Peculiar Archives 319 Frozenloop.jpg
Althea 328

9781594746208 ss 04.480x480-75.jpgEdit

The Heart of the Peculiar World 340 Meetingroom.jpg
Call, call, call 348 Call_call_call.jpeg
Moaning Girl 349
Abraham Ezra Portman 373 Abes_silhouette.jpeg
Shoulder Blades 386 Caul's wing-like protrusions on his shoulder blades
Don't Look Away 400