The Library of Peculiar Souls is a place where the souls of deceased peculiars are stored. It is located in the ancient loop of Abaton.

Description Edit

It was low-ceilinged and bare, empty but for some scattered straw and broken shards of pottery. Its most unique feature was the walls, into which had been dug many dozens of small coves. They were oval-shaped and flat on the bottom, large enough to hold a bottle or a candle. At the back of the room, several doors forked away into darkness.

–Library of Souls

It is described on the outside as a stone room open to the sky . The entrance was shaped like a head, one with a gaping mouth for a door, two warped eyes for windows, a pair of holes for nostrils, and grown over with long grass that resembled hair and an unruly beard. The opening was low.

On the inside, however, the Library looked similar to what a library should be like, with shelves that are bored into the walls. The room was described as "cavelike." It had been dug by hand from soft rock. It was low-ceilinged and bare, empty but for some scattered straw and broken shards of pottery. At the back of the room, several doors forked away into darkness. The Soul Jars are kept inside these shelves which Jacob describes as "coves". The doors are black. The next room was much like the first, with coves combing its walls and doors leading into the dark. There were no windows, though, and just a single blade of afternoon sun slicing down the dusty floor. The caverns are an endless maze and passageways branch off into the dark like veins. The rooms grew larger and grander, in their crude way, the ceilings rising and walls widening. The further into the Library of Souls, the more soul jars there are. The jars were everywhere now: filling every cove, stacked in totemic pillars in the corners, wedged into cracks and crevices, the cold that seeped from them refrigerating the air. This library, so-called, was a vast underworld, a catacomb and hiding place for the second soul of every peculiar who had ever lived, prior to the last millennium—hundreds of thousands of them.

Bathed in undulating curtains of gauzy blue light, it was an very large cavern. A huge, circular space like a beehive, a hundred feet across at the bottom but tapering to a single point at its top, several stories above. Ice crystals gleamed on every surface, in every cove and on every jar—of which there were thousands. They climbed to impossible heights, festooning the walls. Despite the freeze, there was free-flowing water here: it sprung from a tap shaped like a falcon’s head, tumbled into a small channel that circled the room at the base of the walls, and flowed into a shallow pool at the edge of the room, ringed by smooth black stone at the far edge of the room. This water was the source of the cavern’s heavenly light. Like the stuff inside soul-jars, it glowed a ghostly blue, and it pulsed dimmer and brighter in regular cycles, as if breathing. The water is known as a spirit pool, an ancient means of summoning and communicating with the dead.

Destruction of Abaton and the Library of Souls Edit

The Destruction of Abaton and the Library of Souls occurred due to the second conversion of Myron Bentham. Upon being betrayed by his brother a second time, Myron, as a last resort, revealed his secured weapon; the soul of Abraham Portman in ambrosia. Myron took the drug and gained the peculiarity of being one of the library's guardians. Thus, he was able to see Soul Jars like Jacob.

Before being able to take an equally powerful soul as did his brother Caul, Myron was intervened by a furious Jacob. In order to carry out his plans, he gave to Jacob, and subsequently to his sister, the instructions on how to collapse a loop. Following this, he was released and he then made a bid to transform into a giant peculiar, and succeeded. Caul realized too late and then diverted his attention to his brother.

Both of them fought within the Library and collapsed it, with Caul described to be as big as 10 houses. The Library was supposedly completely annihilated when the twelve ymbrynes collapsed Abaton, through the use of Myron's recipe.

Peculiar Gifts pertaining to the Library Edit

Another note on peculiars who can see hollows: their gift is to see what others can't, what is really there. So in the Library, they are the only ones who can see peculiar souls sitting innocently in ornate jars in every alcove in sight. Other peculiars can only see the souls, they can't see the jars.