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Lilly (spelled Lily in The Desolations of Devil's Acre) is a blind normal teenage girl from New York City who is friends with Noor Pradesh.


A Map of Days

Lilly is asked by Millard Nullings about a peculiar at her school. She says she has some information about the peculiar, but she is hesitant to tell him. When the fire alarm sounds, Millard and Lilly agree to meet up after school at a nearby café.

When they go to the café, Jacob Portman notices that she didn't quite look at anyone, just their general direction. She lets Millard listen to the music she is listening to, and they make flirty comments to each other. When Enoch O'Connor suddenly yells that she's blind, she laughs and says that it's true.

A barista who works at the café later asks if she's alright, to which she responds 'yes'. She explains that she performs there every Thursday, playing pop and jazz, and therefore knows everyone who works there. This explains her friendly and knowing demeanor towards the staff member.

Soon after, they get down to business. When Bronwyn Bruntley says they're looking for a girl who attacked some men, Lilly becomes sour and says that the peculiar was on defense, not offense. She adds that they deserved far worse, and that the girl's name is Noor Pradesh. After much convincing, they all tell her they're here to help, and tell her their peculiar abilities. She doesn't seem afraid or scared of them. She tells Millard that she knew he was invisible, which comes as a shock to all of them. She explains that most blind people have some vision left- she has about 10% of it.

She goes on to say that they are not the only people who are looking for Noor. Other people she doesn't know are as well. Jacob speculates that they might be evil peculiars, or wights. Lilly continues to say that Noor says that they're often posed as authority figures, like police or teachers. They also drive black SUVs with blacked-out windows. As she describes Noor, it becomes clear that Lilly looks up to her.

When Jacob notices a SUV rolling up outside, he ushers Lilly to let her take them to Noor. She agrees, and texts Noor. Soon after, they meet up with her. The place they met up at was a building that was still being constructed, but looked abandoned.

Once everyone meets Noor, it becomes very clear that Noor and Lilly are best friends, who trust each other completely.

The Desolations of Devil's Acre

When Miss Peregrine asks Noor if Caul would hurt anyone close to her, and Noor says he already killed V, Millard asks about Lilly. Noor tenses at this and wonders if Caul will go for Lilly, to which Millard replies that Caul's depravity knows no bounds. He and Noor agree that they couldn't live with it if something happened to Lilly, and Millard tells Miss Peregrine he would like to personally dedicate himself to Lilly's protection. Miss Peregrine answers that he is needed in the Acre, and that she will assign a guard to watch over Lilly. Noor wishes that they could bring Lilly into the loop, and decides to have the guard send a message to Lilly from her, telling Lilly that Noor is alright and that the guard is friendly.


Lilly is described by Jacob to be an ‘artsy type’ with wavy brown hair, a black beret and army pants.