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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Loops are occurrences which only a ymbryne (female) can conduct, where a past date exists and repeats over and over, though ymbrynes experience it differently. Only peculiars can pass through it except in Hollow City where a hollowgast was in a loop.

Loops suspends the aging of their occupants, although they do not prevent it. Should a peculiar exit their loop into the present and remain there for two to three days, they will age forward however many years they have spent inside the loop, which, depending on how long that is, usually resulting in death. If the ymbryne, who created the loop is not there to reset it, the loop closes. According to Miss Peregrine, a peculiar must cross the entryway every so often to reset the loop.

In America, with the absence of ymbrynes, Demi-ymbrynes and Loop-keepers maintain loops and keep them going.

Some loops don't allow outsiders and only have one type of peculiar living together. They will chase out outsiders and don't trust anybody but peculiars like them.


There are five types of loops: workable loops, closed loops, punishment loops, tourist loops and pocket loops.

Workable Loops

Closed Loops

Punishment Loops

Tourist Loops

Tourist loops are loops that used to be found all across peculiardom placed strategically at times and locations of historical import. They made up a sort of Grand Tour that was once considered an essential part of any well-bred peculiar’s education. This was many years ago, when it was still relatively safe to travel abroad.

Pocket Loops

A smaller than average loop that encases a smaller area, such as a single house, that only requires resetting once or twice a month.

  • Jacob Portman's Backyard Shed

Known Loops

Miss Peregrine

Loop: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Location: Cairnholm, Wales

Date of Loop: September 3, 1940

Entrance: Cairn of Cairnholm

Miss Gannett

Location: Ireland

Date of Loop: June 1770

Miss Nightjar and Miss Thrush

Location: Swansea, Wales

Date of Loop: April 3, 1901

Miss Avocet and Miss Bunting

Location: Derbyshire, England

Date of Loop: July 15, 1867

Unnamed Turkey loop

Location: Turkey

Date of Loop: March 29, 316 A.D.

Miss Thrush's Loop

Location: London, England

Date of Loop: Unknown date, before 1940

Entrance: A crypt below St. Paul's Cathedral

Miss Finch and her aunt, also called Miss Finch

Location: England

Date of Loop: Unknown date

Miss Wren

Loop(s): Miss Wren's Menagerie and another unnamed Loop

Location (Menagerie): Wales

Date of Loop (Menagerie): 1492? 1750? (According to Jacob)

Entrance (Menagerie): Mouth of the stone head of Cuthbert

Council of Ymbrynes

Loop: Carnival Tourist Loop

Location: London, England

Date of Loop: Prior to 1863

Entrance: Subway Tunnel

Sharon's River Tours

Loop: Devil's Acre

Location: London, England

Date of Loop: During the reign of Queen Victoria

Entrance: Through the tunnel in the Thames river


Loop: 1752 Rarotunga

Location: Rarotunga

Date of Loop: 1752

British Columbia

Loop: 1929 British Columbia

Location: British Columbia

Date of Loop: 1929

Unknown Venice loop

Loop: 14th Century Venice

Location: Venice, Italy

Date of Loop: 14th Century

Unknown American loop

Location: America

Date of Loop: September 3, year unknown

Unknown Mongolia loop

Loop: Ancient Mongolia

Location: Mongolia

Date of Loop: Ancient Mongolia

Entrance: Unknown

Unknown North Africa Loop

Loop: Atlas Mountains

Location: Atlas Mountains, North Africa

Date of Loop: Unknown

Entrance: Unknown

Unknown Amazonia Loop

Loop: Amazonia

Location: Amazonia

Date of Loop: Unknown

Entrance: Unknown

Clownmouth House

Loop: Clownmouth House

Location: Muncie, Indiana

Date of Loop: Unknown

Entrance: Unknown

Den Haag (The Hague)

Loop: 1937 Den Haag

Location: Den Haag/The Hague, Netherlands

Date of Loop: April 8, 1937

Entrance: Unknown


Loop: 1911 Helsinki

Location: Helsinki

Date of Loop: Christmas 1911

Entrance: Unknown

New York City

Loop: New York City

Location: Pennsylvania Station, New York City

Date of Loop: June 8, 1929

Entrance: Pennsylvania Station


Loop: 1930's Alabama

Location: Anniston, Alabama

Date of Loop: January 5, 1935

Loop A-57

Loop: Texas

Location: Near Marfa, Texas

Date of Loop: c. 1967

Entrance: Unknown

Flamingo Manor

Loop: Mid-1960's

Location: Starke, Florida

Date of Loop: Mid-1960's

Portal, Georgia

Loop: 1965

Location: Portal, Georgia

Date of Loop: 1965

Unknown Indiana Loop

Loop: Indiana

Location: Indiana

Date of Loop: 1950's

Loop 10044

Location: New York City

Date of Loop: Unknown

Siberia Loop

Loop: Somewhere in Siberia

Location: Siberia

Date of Loop: Unknown

Leo's Turf

Other Loops

  • Greece
  • Australian outback
  • Horn of Africa
  • Palymra
  • Caspian Sea
  • Florida swamp
  • Ymeene's loop
  • Miss Kestrel's loop
  • Chile
  • Portugal
  • Pine Barrens
  • Poconos
  • Shenectady
  • Marrowbone

Known Loops (film)

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children

Location: Cairnholm, Wales

Date of Loop: September 3, 1943

Entrance: Through a cave in Cairnholm

Unknown London loop

Location: London, England

Date of Loop: Unknown

Entrance: Through a subway tunnel

Blackpool Tower

Location: Blackpool Tower

Date of Loop: Jan 11, 2016

Entrance: Through a Ghost Train ride

Unknown Morocco loop

Location: Morocco

Date of Loop: September 12, 1910

Unknown France loop

Location: France

Date of Loop: December 13, 1934

Unknown California desert loop

Location: California desert

Entrance: Bathroom in a convenience store

Unknown Tokyo loop

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Entrance: Photo booth

Unknown loop

Location: Unknown

Date of Loop: 1942


Partitionment of ability is discouraged under the ymbyrnic codes, because it can promote clannish thinking and unnecessary conflict. It is expressly forbidden to have closed loops, in which one type of peculiar is allowed to live and all others are banned.