Malthus is a Hollowgast and one of the primary antagonists in Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

He murdered Abraham Portman and Martin. He was killed by Jacob Portman.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar ChildrenEdit

Malthus stalked Abraham for a few days, then struck, mortally wounding him. Unfortunately for the hollow, Jacob and Ricky ran in, stopping the hollow from feeding on the corpse. Before leaving, Jacob caught sight of the hollow's face, traumatizing him for months.

Later, Golan leads Malthus to the peculiars, and they scatter, Bronwyn smashing the ice house over Malthus. Malthus pursues Emma and Jacob into the shithouse, where the two wait, scared.

Death Edit

When Malthus nears them, Jacob pushes Emma to the side, grabs a pair of sheep shears, and runs out of the shithouse, using himself as bait to save Emma. Malthus takes the bait and chases him. He grabs Jacob's ankle with his tongues and pulls him closer. Just when Jacob is about to be eaten, he stabs Malthus with the shears, killing him as he sank into the bog.


  • Malthus is most likely named after Thomas Robert Malthus, an 18th through 19th century British scholar who predicted the end of the world through overpopulation.
  • In the movie however he is killed when a bomb fell on the peculiars' house, killing him.
  • In the movie, he killed Miss. Avocet. But in the book however, Miss. Avocet is alive.