Map of Days Graphic Novel

The Map of Days in the graphic novel

The Map of Days is one of the many books published in Peculiardom. It has several editions, with the finest one at The Peculiar Archives. Perplexus Anomalous is known for helping of the creation of the first addition.


According to Millard, a team of cartographers, artists, and bookmakers worked on it. It took a lifetime to create it and Perplexus Anomalous drew some of the maps. Millard described it as the finest book in Peculiardom, except the Codex Peculiaris.


Miss Peregrine's copy is a leather bound book.

The copy at the Peculiar Archives was larger than the one Miss Peregrine had. It has colorful maps which are made from calfskin and is edged with gold. Illustrations, legends, and footnotes filled the margins, leaving no empty space nor margin for error. This copy also has pictures. Naturally, Europe and its many loops were well-defined, but farther afield things got sketchier. Vast swaths of Africa were simply blank. Terra incognita. The same was true of Siberia, although the Map of Days had its own name for Russia’s Far East: The Great Far-Reaching Solitude. Some places have fanciful such as The Mournful Kingdom of Sand, The Land Made in Anger, and A High Place Full of Stars. At the margins lurked fearsome places the Map called Wastes. The far north of Scandinavia was The Icy Waste. The middle of Borneo: The Stifling Waste. Much of the Arabian peninsula: The Pitiless Waste. The southern tip of Patagonia: The Cheerless Waste. Certain places weren’t represented at all. New Zealand. Hawaii. Florida. One vast, trackless desert in Asia is known as the the Winged Creature Ends Not Its Flight.

Hollow CityEdit

Miss Peregrine and her children own a small copy of the book, but it appears to be old and was drenched in water during Hollow City's plot. They lost it during the storm, which caused a major navigation problem.