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Martin Pagett is a male normal who is introduced in the first book. He is subsequently murdered by a hollowgast.

Come, you, and gaze upon the tar man! Blackly he reposes, tender face the color of soot, withered limbs like veins of coal, feet lumps of driftwood hung with shriveled grapes! Come, you, and bear witness to the cruel art of his wounds! Purled and meandering lines drawn by knives; brain and bone exposed by stones; the rope still digging at his throat. First fruit slashed and dumped—seeker of Heaven—old man arrested in youth—I almost love you!

–Martin Pagett

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Martin was a kind man who guided to Jacob and his father during their trip to Cairnholm. He later showed Jacob the 'Old Man'.


Martin was murdered by the hollowgast Malthus. He was found in his shredded nightclothes by a fisherman.