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Monsters? That hurts. That's me you're talking about, you know! Me and all my men here, before we evolved. I'll try not to take your slight personally, though. The adolescent phase is rarely attractive, whatever the species.

–Mr. White to Emma Bloom

Mr. White was a somewhat high-ranking wight appearing in Hollow City.

Hollow City

He plays a noticeable role in the capture of the group of peculiars and Gypsies. He and his soldiers run into the Gypsies after they delivered Jacob and his friends to the town of Coal, captures them, and brings them to a lone shack. He then tortures them for information on the children, getting at least the fact that the children had Miss Peregrine with them. Mr. White then sends his soldiers to Coal to capture the peculiars just before they board their train.

When they are brought to the shack, Mr. White starts out acting seemingly nice to them, and tries to get the location of Miss Peregrine out of them. When Horace resists, Mr. White hits him in the head with his knife, knocking Horace out and drawing Mr. White's attention to the train tickets that fall out of Horace's pockets. He goes on to order his soldier Brown to intercept the train and search it, before having the other soldiers search the other children's pockets.

Upon realizing that Brown had not yet gone to intercept the train, Mr. White yells at him, but Brown gets killed by Hugh's bees. Mr. White has a soldier close the window and starts killing the bees that had managed to get into the shack. The bees outside, however, don't leave.


When Bekhir breaks the window, Mr. White and the rest of the soldiers get killed by the bees.



Mr. White is described as having pudgy and boyish features, thin white-blond hair, and a unibrow. Due to his higher rank, Mr. White wears a uniform different from the other soldiers' and a black police officer's cap. Unlike the soldiers, Mr. White carries a holstered revolver instead of a rifle.


He acts energetic and cheerful, despite his grim intentions.


Caul Bentham

Caul is his leader.

Mr. Brown

Mr. Brown is one of Mr. White's subordinates.