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Monsters? That hurts. That's me you're talking about, you know! Me and all my men here, before we evolved. I'll try not to take your slight personally, though. The adolescent phase is rarely attractive, whatever the species.

–Mr. White to Emma Bloom

Mr. White is a somewhat high-ranking Wight. His only appearance was in Hollow City.

Hollow City

He plays a noticeable role in the capture of the group of peculiars and Gypsies. He later interrogates them.


Mr. White is described as having pudgy and boyish features and thin white-blond hair. He acts energenic and cheerful, despite his grim intentions. Due to his higher rank, Mr. White wears a uniform different from the other soldiers' and a black police officer's cap. Unlike the soldiers, Mr. White carries a holstered revolver instead of a rifle.


Caul Bentham

Caul is his leader.

Mr. Brown

Mr. Brown is one of Mr. White's suborbinates.


He is killed by Hugh's bees along with his soldiers.