My story begins long before this house was built, when I was a lad about your age, Jacob. My brother and I fancied ourselves explorers. We pored over the maps of Perplexus Anomalous and dreamed of visiting all the loops he’d discovered. Of finding new ones, and visiting them not just once, but again and again. In this way we hoped to make peculiardom great again.

Myron Bentham, Library of Souls

Myron Bentham, also known as Mr. Bentham, is a male peculiar with an unknown peculiarity. He is the brother of Caul and Miss Peregrine.

He was good friends with Abraham Portman and is the owner of P.T., his grimbear. He is also an amazing inventor and invented the Panloopticon.

Description Edit

Physical Edit

Bentham Myron Bentham is said be a grown man, whom relies on his pet Grimbear P.T. for companionship and transport as he tires easily due to having his legs broken by Caul prior to the books for betraying him. It is said to be that Myron is younger brother of Caul and is implied to be the older brother of Alma LeFay Peregrine.

Personality Edit

Myron is often seen smiling, he is charming but very selfish and cunning, often putting himself before others, and betraying them to gain what he wants.He tends to choose aliases when it suits him.


Early life Edit

It is known that he and his brother Caul(Jack) attended Esmerelda Avocets  academy for ymbrynes with his sister. even though he is not an ymbryne and has no known peculiarity.He conned Abraham Portman of part of his soul and joined his brother Caul "Jack" Peregrine in his quest for immortality and power, by finding the loop Abaton and thus the Library of Peculiar Souls.

Of Jack Peregrine and the Claywings Edit

However, things quickly turned sour between the two brothers as Myron's goals and ambitions were to unite all peculiar folk in Peculiardom, but Caul's goals and ambitions was to become a god-king and rule over all peculiars, peculiar animals, humans and the likes.

When Myron realised how dark his brother had become he tried to stop Caul only for to turn against him and spread vicious rumours about him that he was a traitor and that he no longer believed in their cause.

As a result of Caul feeling threatened by his brother and being sadistic he had Myron beaten and his legs broken and then thrown into a pit left to die. Myron, being a very smart man, tricked the Claywings into performing the Experiment of 1908, only for it to be an emergency way to collapse loops permanently. When the claywings tried the ritual, it failed, and drastically caused the creation of hollowgasts and wights.

Library of Souls Edit

He betrays the peculiars, then regrets it, using Abraham's soul to turn himself into a Peculiar-God to battle Caul. He then gives Miss Peregrine the instructions for collapsing the loop, the same that was used by Caul and his followers in the 1908 incident. Using the technique, Miss Peregrine and her fellow ymbrynes cause the loop to collapse (in a much more precise way, so the reaction is not as destructive), and then Jacob and the other peculiar children escape while he and Caul presumably perish in the destruction he does not make another appearance in the books.