Template:Infobox nonpeculiar Oggie is a male normal introduced briefly in the first book. He has lived on present-day Cairnholm for all his life. He is an uncle of Martin Pagett.

Description Edit

Oggie appears as a hoarder, as Jacob notes that he arrived at Oggie's living room, which was piled high with books and boxes of worn-out shoes and enough lamps to light up Carlsbad Caverns'.

He is also described by his nephew of being as sharp as a tack.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Edit

He is first introduced to Jacob Portman by Martin. Jacob wanted to know more about the war on Cairnholm in 1940, so Martin introduced him to Oggie.

Relationships Edit

Martin Pagett Edit

Oggie is an uncle of the deceased Martin Pagett.

Jacob Portman Edit

Oggie was introduced to Jacob shortly after the latter's visit to the island.

Trivia Edit

  • Oggie does not appear in the film adaptation.