Peculiardom refers to the peculiars and their locations. Cartographers helped create Map of Days, which showed some of the Peculiardom's locations. Most of Peculiardom are still not explored because the peculiars' main priority was survival from hollowgast and wights.

Known LocationsEdit

Exact LocationsEdit

United Kingdom Edit

The United States of AmericaEdit

  • Anniston, Alabama
  • Flamingo Manor
  • Paul's Loop in Portal, Georgia
  • Miss Billie's Loop in Florida
  • The Falls
  • Leo's Loop in New York City

Punishment loops Edit

Vague LocationsEdit

  • Scandinavia
  • The Icy Waste
  • Borneo
    • The Stifling Waste
  • Arabian Peninsula
    • The Pitiless Waste
  • Patagonia
    • The Cheerless Waste
  • China
  • Russia
  • Mournful Kingdom of Sand
  • Land Made in Anger
  • High Place Full of Stars
  • Perplexus' Italian loop