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Samantha, or simply Sam is a female peculiar with the peculiarity of being able to regrow any body part she loses, similar to a starfish.

Early Life

Sam and Esme's mother had died a long time ago. So when the girls' mean father went to war, they were to be sent to their father's sister's home. Because their aunt would only take one of them, the two children escaped, not wanting to be separated, This is why they were introduced in London, which was where their original home was located.

Also, when asked about whether a ymbryne ever came for her Sam replied that someone had come with others like her. Sam ultimately turned them down though, because going with a ymbryne would mean leaving her sister behind.

Hollow City


Hollow City The Second Novel of Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children

After Sam gives shelter to the peculiars from an air raid, a bomb hits the house, sending a broken rafter straight through her body. She pulls herself off, and now has a large hole through her midsection. Sam then tells a shocked Jacob and Horace that she will be fine and the hole will grow back in a few days.

The peculiars try to convince Sam to come with them, but she cannot leave her sister, who is not peculiar and therefore cannot enter loops. Enoch then ends up insulting Sam, which thoroughly convinces Sam not to go with the peculiars. She is last seen carrying her sister towards an ambulance.

Later, Horace concludes that since neither he nor Millard (or anyone else for that matter) had ever heard of a peculiar with such a powerful gift, Sam most likely did not survive the war. 


Sam could regrow whatever part of her body in a matter of days, and does not seem to feel much pain in her stomach. However, unlike some peculiars, if she loses her arms and legs they won't grow back.



Sam was highly protective of her little sister Esme.


  • Sam is the only peculiar that has never been in a loop in the series so far, making her possibly the youngest peculiar. She is only 12 years old.
  • Besides Hugh and Peter-and-Joel, Sam is the only other character to appear in the three book trailers for Hollow City.
  • Like Peter-and-Joel, Sam has a different power in the book trailer. It appears she has the ability to live with a hole in her stomach and kill things just by touching them, a power that connects with Enoch's.