Sergei Andropov is a Russian peculiar with the peculiarity of being a contortionist. He first appears in Hollow City at the Carnival Tourist Loop.


Sergei was one of the first peculiars to meet a hollow (and possibly a wight), as his village being close to the experimentation site that created the hollows. He is Russian and extremely flexible. He is mentally scarred and locks his emotions within. On the outside he can be shown as an ambitious and selfish person, but on the inside, he stands with the peculiars loyally.

Hollow CityEdit

Sergei was performing in a freak show in the Carnival Tourist Loop when the peculiars first encounter him. When questioned of Miss Wren's whereabouts, he spat, shook his head, and walked off the stage.

Later, the peculiars encounter him again at the Peculiar Archives and he apologizes for his rude behavior. Along with the clown, he then tries to convince them to join the peculiar army against the Wights.

Library of SoulsEdit

He is revealed to have been shot and is discovered by Addison, Jacob, and Emma. Jacob picks him up and brings him onto the train. Emma tries to seal off the wound using her hands. Later, he gives them a photo of his wife and child, who were taken by the wights. He is later left on the train, due to his condition, in hopes someone will find him and bring him to a hospital.

His current status is unknown.


Sergei is a contortionist, and can bend his body far past the normal limitations of flexibility.


Sergei is tall and very thin man with a mustache and glasses. Being a contortionist, he is also able to fit into small spaces and therefore creates a appearance resembling a piece of thread