The Tales of the Peculiar is a collection of stories in Peculiardom that have been inspired by loop locations.

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children and The Peculiar Archives have copies of this book.

Known StoriesEdit

The Tale of Cuthbert Edit

During an undated period, many peculiar animals lived. However, hunters shot them and made decors out of them. Giants were still existing in this age, such as Cuthbert, a kindly giant who lived near the forest. He helped peculiar animals get to the mountaintop even if his bones cracked. He asked in return for interaction with him, in which the animals agreed. They had a harmonious relationship until one day, a witch, hired by the family of a hunter he had killed, turned Cuthbert to stone. While he was slowly turning into stone Cuthbert shouted at the peculiar animals to come down and help him, but the peculiar animals did not want to come down from the mountain in fear of the hunters. So Cuthbert grew sad and turned completely into stone. The peculiar animals tried to talk to him, but they were so far up that they could not be heard.

This story is based on Miss Wren's Menagerie, as confirmed by Addison, a fellow peculiar animal in the loop. The tale of Cuthbert is what helps the peculiar children find the entrance to Miss Wren's loop.

The Pigeons of St. Paul'sEdit

A group of peculiar pigeons who lived in London wanted a high place to roost, but the people of ancient London weren't interested in constructing tall buildings. So, the pigeons whispered their plans into the ear of the best builder in all of London while he slept and when he awoke he decided to build a cathedral on the tallest hill in the city, like the birds had instructed. But, when Vikings raided the city the cathedral burned down, so they found a new human to whisper to and a cycle began of the cathedral burning down and then being reconstructed. After hundreds of years the pigeons came across a human who resisted their whispers. The pigeons began to harass the man, until finally he gave in and built the cathedral. But, he asked that the pigeons protect the cathedral this time, so that way it would not burn down. The pigeons agreed and after sometime they became friends with the man. Up until his death he always kept a pigeon close at hand and even after he died the pigeons continued to visit him.

This story reveals the nesting place of Miss Wren's pigeons, as well as helps the children find the entrance to Miss Thrush's Loop in London.

Abaton Edit

The story of Abaton and the Library of Peculiar Souls was published only once in an extremely old edition of the Tales.

The Splendid Cannibals Edit