Bobby was a big barrel-chested guy who drove a big car and lived in a big house and would eventually succumb to a big heart attack from all the foie gras and Monster Thick-burgers he'd packed into his colon over the years, leaving everything to my pothead cousins and his tiny quiet wife. He and my uncle Les were copresidents of Smart Aid, and they were always doing this—pulling people into corners for conspiratorial chats, as if plotting a mob hit rather than complimenting the hostess on her guacamole.

Uncle Bobby is a male normal and the brother of Les and Maryann, and uncle of Jacob Portman and one of the owners of the family convenience store chain Smart Aid.

He is portrayed by George Vricos in the film adaptation Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiars.



He is depicted, along with Les and Jack, with 'a fat neck that bulges from a starched white collar'.

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