"That's why you treat Peculiars like me the way you do. Because we have something you don't. For someone who could have the world at their fingertips in seconds, it absolutely kills you that you can't have a soul like mine. You can hire the best doctors and scientists and engineers to replicate the kinds of things we can do, but it's not pure, and you know it. It has weakness, it is breakable, as our abilities are not. It tortures you that what I have is just out of your reach. It kills you that you can have anything you want, change anything you want- except for yourself. I know the truth, but I won't sit back and watch it destroy you- it already has."

"Maybe. Maybe I felt nothing. You know it's possible to feel nothing physically and only emotionally, right?"

"What's hell like, anyways? They say I'm going there."

"I don't know. It depends what part of the onion you're in, I guess."

"Did you really just punch someone with a broken hand?" "Did you really just LET me punch someone with the hand THEY broke?"

"I'm sort of done here. I've been replaced, I've destroyed anything I ever had with him, I might as well just put myself on the same side whether he cares or not."

"Could you please!"

"-Not? Yeah, I'll stop."